Pass or Fail: New Bay Area Movement – Games Vs Cartoons?


Mario: I'll fight you with my mustache!

I’m more of a cartoon chick myself. But for all of you “gamer” fans out there, this might be your niche. Apparently the bay area (which seems to be the new region for random movement and dances) has started this whole Gamer movement up in the California. It’s sort of catchy to me and I can get why the kids and computer nerds would like it, but is this a Pass or a Fail when it comes to a hit track?

Check out the track below and blurb on the “supposed” creator of this movement:

There’s a new movement based on the west coast known as Gamer Music. Nes, the founder of the movement is putting out a compilation that represents the movement called Games Vs. Cartoons. The first single to the album is called “Gamer”. The song features ill Will protege’ Mick Stillz, signed motown rapper Inertia, the debut artist on Play N Skillz G4 Muzik label, and South Carolina up-and-comer Ckhid.