Exclusive New Music From Brian McKnight – Fall 5.0


R & B lovers, this one’s for you. Brand new (not even on the others blogs) music from Brian McKnight entitled “Fall 5.0”. This is the first single from his forthcoming album “Just Me”, available online & in stores on July 21st. I don’t know about you guys but I can’t wait to hear this. This will be his first album in two years. (Evolution Of A Man dropped in 09) I still have “TEN” (his 2006 album) playing form time to time. The production on it…*two thumbs up*

That’s Ricki talking above. Here’s Ms. Drama’s spiel on this track:

I guess Brian McKnight never heard Jay’s Death of Autotune track a few years back. He must have not received that memo. In any case, the McKnight-ster is back and hopefully his album sounds better than this single. As you can tell, I’m not won on it yet – but maybe, just maybe it will grow on me? Ehh. (We’ll keep hope alive folks)


Download HERE