That’s the Way Love Goes: Kanye taunts Wiz Khalifa about Amber Rose at Coachella!


Alright folks, I had a feeling this was going to end badly. According to the daily rumor mill it seems as if Wiz Khlaifah and Kanye West nearly had a thrown down after Kanye’s hour long set at Coachella.

Here’s the speculative rundown:

Rapper Wiz Khalifah performed early on in the day, and he brought his fiance Amber Rose with him. Kanye West took to the stage later that night and during his “Stronger” performance Ye took a verbal jab at Amber I’m looking for the next rapper to exploit Rose who was reportedly about 75 feet away from him — on the side of the stage. The video below is Kanye’s performance from last night.

Ye took the original lyrics to Stronger which state, “I’d do anything for a blonde dike, and she’ll do anything if the time’s right,” and last night he offered this verse, “I did anything for that blonde dike. And she did anything when the time’s right ”

Well that calculated verse didn’t sit well with Wiz, who allegedly confronted Kanye when he left the stage.

MediaTakeOut’s celebrity insider reported:

“Wiz didn’t want to fight, he just wanted all this catty bullsh*t to end. … Kanye said something to Wiz and next thing you know security and people’s entourages were everywhere pushing and shoving, it could have gotten real ugly.”

After the alleged malay, concert security quickly swooped in and removed Kanye from the area. Peep the performance video below that started the tussle: