Part 1 & 2: Ace Hood talks new album, expectations & being bullied by the Internets!


Part 1: Ace Hood talks new Album, Next Single, and being Bullied by the Internets!

Ace Hood sits down with Ms. Drama to talk about his upcoming album, Blood, Sweat and Tears and why he feels this is his best album to date. He briefly touches on his personal journey via the album and his upcoming mixtape, Body Bag, dropping Easter Weekend. On the note of his his single Hustle Hard, Hood talks about feeling no pressure in delivering a follow up record and reveals that his next single will be, Go and Get It. In regards to his journey as an artist, Ace opens up on dealing with the intense criticism from media, fans and peers (as seen online) and how he was able to get through that difficult time. Hood explains he still remains humble and his work will essentially speak for itself.

Part 2: Ace Hood talks album expectations, New Artists, Working w/ Nicki Minaj & Reality Shows!

In the second half of the interview, Ace Hood talks about his album expectations and not being concerned with selling a specific number – but doing “well” as an artist. He talks about newer artists and his willingness to work with them and build with anyone who is ready to bring something to the table. On the note of Khaled and his new situation with Cash Money, Hood hints at future Young Money/Cash Money collaborations and his tentative work w/ Nicki Minaj for his upcoming album. As the end of the interview, Hood talks about expanding as an artist via movies and film and explains why he’s just not cut out for the reality tv show life.