Good Eats TriBeCa: Da Mikele – “A Family Affair”


By: Joya Campbell

Welcome to Tribeca’s newest neighborhood hot spot, Da Mikele – Signature food by Luzzo. Its Neapolitan-inspired menu features delicious pizza, pasta and other authentic Italian specialties that are all prepared from scratch. The inviting, casual and warm vibe makes it the perfect place to meet friends, enjoy a meal and toast to the good life.

The creator of this delectable restaurant is none other than Michele Iuliano who has already made a name for himself in the New York City restaurant scene. 
Michele is the owner of Luzzo’s, Ovest and Da Mikele is his third installment. It was only last year that he opened up Ovest, a sister restaurant to Luzzo’s in Chelsea. Known for their pizzoteca—a blend of pizzeria, paninoteca and enoteca— his restaurants became popular for its delicious food, simple prices and a friendly atmosphere.

When introduced to Michele, his greeting expresses his love for what he does. A hug, an Italian double kiss on the cheek and a warm smile makes any outsider seem like their family.

“For me, it’s never been about money or popularity. It’s just about my passion for food, especially pizza and bread,” says Michele Iuliano.

This Iuliano passion for food runs in the family. Michele is the grandson of an acclaimed baker, and prides himself on his history and talent. He attributes the popularity of his pizza crusts to his bread-making expertise, which have been passed down from generations. The consensus of the taste only backs up Michele’s vision. The pizza crust offers a nice, light and soft texture that almost melts in your mouth. To achieve this, Iuliano uses an old Italian recipe that has been passed on from before his grandfather.

Although Da Mikele’s pizza seems to be a go-to choice for menu picks, the restaurant also offers delicious bread creations at which Iuliano is an expert—foccacia, friselle and ciambella are a few of the recommendations. For those who have more of a diverse palette, Da Mikele’s provides daily specials, from hand-made pastas, single-size, half-moon pizzas with salad, round or square pizzas, to main courses, and salad entres. Everything on the menu is 100% fresh and Italian, from the pasta to the desserts.

“I thought the food was great, I loved the square pizza and spaghetti. His fish balls were good too. I’ve never tasted beets but his beet spread with bread was tasty. I’m no critic but I know good food,” said Miss Campbell, patron and attendee of the launch.

To round off the great meal, Da Mikele uses an all-Italian wine list that features several organic bottles, reasonably price that complement the menu choices. A mixture of strawberry, kiwi, and mango wines helps to open the taste buds and imagination.

While the food and wine list will draw you out to Da Mikele’s restaurant in the heart of TriBeCa, it’s the atmosphere, ambience and “family feeling” that will essentially keep you coming back for more.

For more information go to: or 212.925.8800

**Da Mikele is located on 375 Church Street btw Franklin Street and White Street NYC

***This week starts “Aperitivo” (Italian Happy Hour) from 4-7pm Monday through Friday.