Curren$y talks new deal, Alchemist mixtape & reacts to Chris Brown incident!


Part 1: Curren$y talks new mixtape w/ Alchemist, upcoming collabos w/ Wiz x Krit, & New Label Deal!

Curren$y sits down with Ms. Drama to talk about his upcoming mixtape, Covert Coup, coming out on 4/20. He opens up about working with the Alchemist and how a three record collaboration turned into a full mixtape. Curren$y also discusses his association with Wiz Khalifa and Big Krit. He mentions how Krit was supposed to be on the upcoming mixtape – but didn’t make the deadline. He hints at another mixtape with Wiz in the future. On the note of his upcoming album, Curren$y explains he’s recording records – although there is no official name. In regards to his new label situation – Jet Life, he reveals that when he started in 2002 – this actually was the situation he has expected, but is now glad it came later since he has grown as an artist. Curren$y explains that his new situation “still feels independent”- although not when he has to get into his ferrari.

Part 2: Curren$y talks new ferrari, advice to artists & his surprise reaction to the Chris Brown incident!

Curren$y talks about his new Ferrari, Francesca, and people’s reactions to her. He explains the humor in having the car and why he felt it was time. In reference to his label situation, Curren$y explains that he will be adding his friends to his imprint since they have been grinding along with him. When asked to give advice to new artists coming out, specifically those showcased on the cover of XXL, he advises that they shouldn’t get caught up in the “blender” of the industry. Finally, after Curren$y gets the rundown of what happened to Chris Brown, he expresses his genuine surprise and offers that it “could’ve have been worse” and that we’ve seen [Chris’] work before.