Cathy Hughes puts Monique & Halle Berry on Blast, talks new programs, & Martin Lawrence’s comeback!


Ms. Drama caught up with Chairwoman of TV One, Cathy Hughes to discuss the new network programming. Hughes talks about the vision of TV One and why they are focused on the positive portrayal of black people from a black perspective. While expressing her views, Hughes comments on Monique’s performance in Precious as the worst portrayal of a black women that’s ever been in cinema”. She also addresses Halle Berry’s performance that won her the Oscar and the lack of positive representation in television. Huges questions why no one has focused on the positive images out there like Michelle Obama.

During the interview, Hughes opens up about the criticism, and reveals Martin Lawerence as the brainchild of the TV One comedic shows. She talks about the Prince and Martin connection, embracing new talent and why it’s good being second as a urban network.