Lil B talks new album, being seen as Ignorant, Soulja Boy’s album sales & a Label Deal!


Ms. Drama interviews Lil B about his upcoming album, Angels Exodus (on Amalgam Digital) at his listening event hosted by Karen Civil. During the interview, Lil B talks about whether the public should really be taking him seriously as an artist. He also talks about his online strategy and how he essentially was able to garner attention through his more controversial tracks while staying true to himself. Lil B address the lack of album sales for Soulja Boy and comments he would be okay with selling the same number or less. He ends the interview with talk about the overall message of his music and address his deepness in songs like Wonton Soup. Finally Lil B offers with his thoughts on inking an official label deal later this year.

The last few minutes of the interview is a clip from his listening session where he is reciting his “Exhibit C”.