G-Dep Confesses to Murder + the 1 year Anniversary of the Interview that started it ALL


It’s amazing what can happen in a year.

G - Dep

I was given an opportunity to interview G-Dep on my show last December and I never imagined that he would openly talk about his drug addiction. After the interview he seemed relieved, like he needed to tell someone about what he was going through. And then once the video was released, he seemed extremely grateful that people were interested in knowing his story. Sort of like he was given a second chance.

After a few email correspondence, I also thought this was indeed going to be his second beginning – he seemed motivated to get his life on track. Drugs still had an obvious hold on him, but with him acknowledging his problem and seeing the support of so many people, I figured he was going to be alright.

So today, as I find out about the details of his confession to murder, I wonder if now – he is totally free from that ever pressing burden that was on his chest.

G – Dep’s confession:

On Wednesday, December 15th, G-Dep (Trevell Coleman) confessed to killing John Henkel during a robbery almost 20 years ago in Harlem. The NY Post, reports that Dep walked into the 25th precinct and gave details of how he committed the crime.

Coleman, who grew up in the projects, told cops he was riding a bike when he rolled up on Henkel, 32, on Park Avenue and East 114th Street and announced a robbery. Coleman told Detective William Dunn that Henkel resisted and grabbed his .40-caliber gun. He allegedly admitted that he pulled away and shot his victim three times in the chest. Coleman said he fled and tossed the weapon into the East River. Henkel was rushed to St. Luke’s Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

The former Bad Boy artist was charged with murder and is currently being held without bail.

Now looking back, I wondered what he would have said if I actually probed more on his life. I didn’t want to make him feel uncomfortable, yet I knew his story was an important one to share. Here’s the interview that essentially started it all – the follow up interviews, the shows, the conversation – this is G-Dep and here’s his special delivery to you: