Saigon talks Greatest Story, New Label, Leaders vs Followers, The Roundtable & Entourage!


Saigon sits down with Ms. Drama to talk about his upcoming album, Greatest Story Never Told. He talks about his new label situation with Surburban Noize via Sony Red and being on a label that “understands him”. On the note of his album, Saigon explains that his album will be an “updated 2k11 version” that indeed has new material. Saigon also discusses the climate of hip-hop and coming out now when lyrics aren’t necessarily a priority anymore.

In addition to his album, Sai talks about the support of his roundtable brothers, Sway, Rich Nice and Just Blaze. He jokes at the loss of Red 5 (Just Blaze’s vocals on previous work) and the possibility of Sway on some of his tracks. Saigon ends with insight on his new Entourage situation, upcoming tours, and his outreach programs for the youth.