Ms. Drama TV Presents: On the Reggae Tip 2010 Mash-up!


Hot 97’s On the Reggae Tip 2010 proved to be another year of Caribbean preservation. Artists came out to not only fulfill their set, but to fulfill their fans with enlisting artist cameos such as Jim Jones, and going into the crowd for direct one-on-one contact and connection.

The show ranged from the iconic acts such as Barrington Levy to the crowd favorites such as Elephant Man. While the show had it’s regrouping moments – such as crowd interaction gone awry and awkward moments of technology and lights not following orders, fans overall seemed to be pleased across the board from the high energy and action packed event. To be expected, Elephant man closed the show with his staple jump on the speakers and conjuring up a “big gal” to wind on. Yet even with that anticipated act, the major impact of the night seemed to resonate with Wyclef Jean. At the heels of his denial for candidacy of Haiti, Wyclef Jean had a few choice words for his critics – saying Sean Penn was too busy sniffing cocaine and Pras owed him 8 bar from the Fugees album. Still the night had it’s inevitable high points which included the almost deafening crowd participation, the impromptu artist collaborations, and the signature reggae dances that made you want to claim your West Indian heritage.

Another Reggae Mash-Up to remembered!

The photo Gallery below shows  a glimpse of the action packed night:

Reggae Mash-Up Video of Acts:

Ms. Drama TV Presents: Reggae Tip Mash Up f/ Marshall Montana, Allison Hines, Shaggy, Barrinton Levy, Serani, Ding-Dong, Wyclef Jean and Elephant Man! Plus Wyclef Jean expresses his political views and more!