Tony Yayo talks album, Blog Support, G-Unit Beefs, Wyclef 4 Prez, Fat Joe & Acting!


Tony Yayo sits down with Ms. Drama to talk about his upcoming album (via EMI) and the digital promotion that G-Unit has been focusing on. Yayo expresses that G-Unit is not about beefs and they haven’t made any money off of it. He also talks about the criticism of being on the G-Unit roster and compares the team to the Lakers: Yayo as Derek Fischer, Banks as Lamar Odom, and 50 as the Kobe Bryant of the Hip-Hop game. On the note of Haiti, Yayo expresses his support for Wyclef Jean leading the country. Yayo also talks about artists he’s into including some pop acts such as Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and his artist Danny Brown. When asked if he’s a fan of some of the mainstream hits on the radio (e.g. Rick Ross) Yayo expresses he cannot support artists that his “bossman” has issues with and takes a few shots at Fat Joe not selling albums. Yayo finishes the interview with the discussion of his acting career, lessons learned from 50, 50 loosing weight, traveling across the globe.