Slum Village talk album, future w/out Dilla & Baktin, Eminem as Rap Elvis, Newbies & Jay’s Hip-Hop!

Ms. Drama sits down with T3 and Young RJ about the upcoming album, Village Manifesto f/ J-Dilla and Baktin. T3 talks about the future of Slum Village as well as the significance and feel of the album which may be the last for Slum Village. RJ goes over productions point and incorporating the passed on members. Both talk about upcoming Detroit talent including Illa-J who they have embraced as an emcee. On the topic of Detroit, they both acknowledge their confidence in Eminem who they consider the “rap Elvis” and the “old man” aka Jay-Z who is still killin it. They also talk about Drake who they feel is one of the few new guys making moves and J. Cole who they feel is talent, but still has a ways to go. Check out part 2 to this candid interview with Slum Village.


Part 2: Slum Village talks rap groups, Segregating Hip-Hop, Black Soap Opera & Weight Loss Challen

Ms. Drama sits down with Slum Village for part two of the interview. T3 & RJ talk about hip-hop groups, including Slaughterhouse, and the need to separate hip-hop music on the radio. T3 talks about the new single and video for Faster and the use of the black soap opera. They both touch on upcoming projects including solo works of the group. RJ ends with production and features on the album. Plus catch the mini bloopers at the end.