Def Jam’s Unique speaks on R. Kelly, Role Models, and Tips for Staying Fly!


Def Jam’s Unique talks about R. Kelly’s talent, who he looks up to in the industry, his message to the youth and using autotune. Plus hear him serenade the Ms. Drama.

Young B addresses DJ Webstar and Bri Beauty and says some “people” should lay off of auto-tune!

Young B explains why she can no longer do business with DJ Webstar and is no longer signed to his label. She explains why Bri Beauty will never be a “replacement” for her and why Webstar should be quite when it comes to auto-tune. An exclusive interview with Young B.

Murder Inc’s Brooklyn Newz talks about Ashanti, Lloyd, Ja Rule & being Irv Gotti’s last HOPE for the label!

Murder Inc’s Brooklyn Newz talks about being the Inc’s last hope, what really happened with Ashanti and Lloyd, what Ja Rule has been up to and why it’s “Hunting Season”. Plus hear his thoughts on 50 Cent, industry beef and his advice to Irv Gotti. A very revealing interview you don’t want to miss!

Ace Hood talks about his new album, running FL, not knowing J Burna and an Upcoming Country music collaboration!

Ace Hood talks about his new album Ruthless, running Florida with DJ Khaled and not having any idea who Jay Burna is or the diss track he made. He also talks about going left field with a country music collabo with Garth Brooks? Exclusive interview with Ace Hood.

Stanky Leg Boyz Talk about Auto-Tune, Jay-Z and Fabolous copying their Style!

Exclusive interview with GS Boyz talking about D.O.A. and how dance music will never go away. Plus they explain why Fab’s Throw it in the Bag was similar to their “Stanky Leg” song?

Duo Live explains why Rappers Today are NOT Lyrically Talented – Plus thoughts on White rappers!

Fre from Duo Live explains why this generation of artists aren’t lyrically talented and why he’s not a fan of white rappers. He also talks about artists not being honest about themselves and why Tupac Shakir was one of the few honest rappers. Plus watch the Drama Queen freestyle.

Ms. Drama interviews the WACKEST RAPPER IN AMERICA!

Ms. Drama puts Trends from “I Love New York” in the hot seat about his music. He tries to defend his music and movement, but Ms. Drama keeps it real about his music being hot garbage. A funny interview that you don’t wan to miss!