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Tyler Perry is telling Oprah “bye Felicia” as he just landed himself a new major gig on a different network…



After NBC’s The Wiz Live! made record setting ratings, Fox is calling for Tyler Perry to do the same with a religious musical entitled, ‘The Passion…’



Earlier this week, Tyler Perry was forced to file a restraining order against one of his employees….. (more…)

Congrats may be in order to Tyler Perry.
According to reports the actor/filmmaker is expecting his first child…


According to the rumor-mill, Tyler Perry is working on a children’s cartoon based on his popular character Madea…


Tyler Perry has brought his hit show For Better or Worse to the OWN network and the season premiere airs tonight!

Of course, MSDTV has the full scoop on what to expect in season 3 and brings a few exclusives strait from the stars of the show, Angela (Tasha Smith) and Marcus (Michael Jai White) on their characters DRAMA…




Tyler Perry may want to add Reverend to his resume.

The actor and media mogul, participated in Bishop’s T.D. Jakes’ Megafest over the weekend, where something pretty amazing happened…


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