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Mariah Carey just got upgraded and and we’re not just talking about her billionaire boyfriend…




After Jennifer Lopez’s outstanding performance at the AMA awards on Sunday, it looks like Mariah Carey is letting bygones be bygones between her and Jlo…


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Last week there were rumors that Mariah Carey moved in with her billionaire boyfriend James Packer…. (more…)


Actress and singer Jennifer Lopez has warned her manager, Benny Medina, to stay away from her R & B rival.

And you’re not going to believe who it is…



Mariah Carey is learning the benefits of having a billionaire boyfriend.

The singer just got herself a six-figure deal courtesy her new bf, James Packer…


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Mariah Carey is planning to turn her classic Christmas song ‘All I Want for Christmas is You’ into a children’s book… (more…)

Mariah Carey Tel Aviv fans are not happy.

According to reports, Mariah had her Jewish lambs upset after showing up more than an hour late for her first ever concert in Israel…