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Last week, I chopped it up with the incomporable Lee Daniels. In addition to discussing the new seasons of Empire and Star, Daniels weighed in on President Trump and the #TakeTheKnee protest.

Trust me — he had plenty to say on that.

Also, we talked about his upcoming projects – including the Terms of Endearment remake, which he confirms is 100% in the works. Plus — he had a special message to Oprah. Check that and bunch of other great stuff after the break….



Bobby Brown throws some obvious shade to director Lee Daniels while promoting the New Edition biopic…



It’s a long way down from the top.

And director Lee Daniels’ may just hit the bottom now that he’s loosing one of his biggest projects to date…



Back in September actor Sean Penn sued director Lee Daniels for defamation of character after Lee compared Terrence Howard’s record of abusing women to Sean Penn’s alleged abuse of his then wife Madonna….. (more…)


Lee Daniels is bringing in actress Queen Latifah to his new ‘Dreamgirls’ inspired scripted TV series on Fox…


Empire director Lee Daniels recently compared actor Terrence Howard with actors Sean Penn and Marlon Brando in terms of media treatment after brushes with the law saying Terrance was getting a raw deal because he was black.

Apparently, Sean Penn was not amused and is suing Lee Daniels for defamation of character…


Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 10.16.22 AM
It looks like the family of Marvin Gaye are headed back to courtroom.

Marvin Gaye’s son, Marvin Gaye III, is suing director Lee Daniels for stealing his idea for a TV show…