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Kim Kardashian doesn’t want her husband Kanye West working with Rita Ora…..


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Kim Kardashian apparently learned the hard way that she is NOT in Beyonce’s Bey-hive.

The news came over the weekend at this years MTV Video Music Awards…


It looks like everyone was watching the VMA’s over the weekend including, Vevo, the video hosting service owned and operated in a joint venture by Universal Music Group, Google, Sony Music Entertainment and Abu Dhabi Media.
Apparently they had a few shady remarks to make about Kim Kardashian and baby North…


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Kanye West is planning to build a cathedral for wife Kim Kardashian, wants fans to pitch in for costs…



Kim Kardashian wants a public apology from Beyonce for not showing up to her wedding…. (more…)

According to the rumor-mill, Jay Z and Kim Kardashian came face to face at a posh restaurant in Malibu Sunday night, but Jay walked right past Kim like she was dust…


Apparently Kim and Kanye are still throwing shots at the Carter’s…. (more…)