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Beyonce is not happy with her husband Jay Z for allowing Kanye back within their friendship….. (more…)


Oooh burn!

Kanye has joined in on the cat fight and the claws are out.

After Amber Rose and Khole went on an social media tirade, Kanye West is now responding to Amber’s rants…



After North West went nuclear at a second fashion week front row with a temper tantrum, Anna Wintour warns Kim and Kanye to leave their baby at home…





Bringing your crying baby to your first fashion show may not be the move Mr. West.

Especially when the who’s WHO of the fashion world are watching your every move …




As reported by MSDTV, Kanye West had stormed the Grammy stage after Beck won Album of the Year over Beyonce.

Although the interruption was said to be all in fun, and reminiscent of the stunt he pulled in 2009 when he stormed the MTV Video Music Awards stage after Taylor Swift beat out Beyonce for Video of the Year, it appears that Kanye was actually adhering to the voices in his head – telling him to do BAD things…


Screen Shot 2015

John Legend knows not to bite the hand that feeds him, yet — he’s also knows not to go down with a sinking ship.

After saying to Us Weekly that Kanye West’s latest Grammy stunt was harmless and funny, John Legend backtracks and offers clarification on what he means….



Here a quick summary on what you missed from the 2015 Grammy Awards performances and surprises from Kanye West, Rihanna, Sam Smith, Ariana Grande and more.

Plus Kanye offers his thought on why Beyonce should have won the album of the year..