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Last week Kanye West revealed the rift between himself and Jay Z after ranting about how their children have never played together and how Jay didn’t drop by the house to check on Yeezy’s wife, Kim Kardashian, after she was robbed in Paris.

Now we find out what their erama is really all about…



Kanye West is looking to get out of his $52 million dollar hole by suing a random fan who uploaded his “Fade” video to Twitter…



Get ready folks…

Kanye West and rapper Drake are planning on making music together…



Sunday night Kim Kardashian leaked audio of Taylor Swift discussing ‘Famous’ with Kanye West despite claiming she had been blindsided by the release of the record and made mention of her irritation during the Grammy Awards.

Will Taylor sue Kim and Yeezy for illegally recording her..?


Friday night Kanye West released the video for his single ‘Famous’ featuring a shot of Yezzy and wife Kim Kardashian among a gambit of celebrities in one bed.

And you’re not got going to believe who made it his bedroom…


Kim Kardashian recently told GQ Magazine that Taylor Swift sent Kanye West a cease and decease letter demanding he destroy audio proof that she approved him referring to her as a B-word on a song called ‘Famous’ from Yeezy’s Life of Pablo album.

Now media outlets are claiming to have seen the proof…



Move over Jay-Z. Kanye West really has 99 problems…


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