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After the recent verdict of the Marvin Gaye Blurred Lines case, Jay Z has followed suit by agreeing to a pay jazz artist 50% of the royalties from his 2013 single Verses …



According to the rumor-mill, the parents at Beyonce and Jay Z’s daughter Blue Ivy’s elite Hollywood pre-school are done with the spectacle the tot creates when she arrives each morning….



Beyonce and Jay – Z are currently house hunting in L.A. with speculations that they are looking for a toned down and somewhat normal life.

Apparently that is not the real reason as the rumor-mill is reporting that Jay Z and Beyonce are relocating to L.A. so Beyonce can focus on her (not so existent) acting career…



Beyonce is not happy with her husband Jay Z for allowing Kanye back within their friendship….. (more…)

The 57th Annual Grammy Awards

According to new legal documents, Jay Z is being taken to court over a 21 year old love child…


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According to the rumor-mill, Beyonce and Jay Z are moving to LA thanks to Gwyneth Paltrow…



Looks like the two power couples have made up… (more…)