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Jay Z and Beyonce joined Taylor Swift at her 25th birthday pizza party…



Apparently Solange isn’t worried about Jay-Z getting on her nerves on her wedding day.

According to reports, Solange sent out an invite to Jay Z for her wedding to Alan Ferguson…





It looks like casinos are still making major money off of their celebrity customers.

Check out a few surprising gambling habits of the rich and famous…



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Houston (Beyonce) we may have a problem.

Jay Z wants to sign super model turned artist Cara Delevingne to his record label…



Jay Z is now in champagne business after buying of Ace of Spades… (more…)



After rumors of a troubled marriage, Jay-Z and Beyonce worked it out and decided to go renew their wedding vows… (more…)



Some couples will always be in fashion, and for Anna Wintour some will not.

The fashion mogul had to name a hip hop power couple off the cuff and Kim and Kanye didn’t even cross her mind…