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After rumors of a troubled marriage, Jay-Z and Beyonce worked it out and decided to go renew their wedding vows… (more…)



Some couples will always be in fashion, and for Anna Wintour some will not.

The fashion mogul had to name a hip hop power couple off the cuff and Kim and Kanye didn’t even cross her mind…



Call it couple’s therapy.

It was revealed that Jay Z and Beyonce were working on their first joint album, and the project may be couples therapy…. (more…)



As reported by MSDTV, the blogosphere was on fire that Jay Z changed his lyrics to mention a new baby during the Paris stop of the On the Run Tour.

Beyonce wants you to pump your breaks…



Concert goers claim that Jay Z announced Beyonce’s second pregnancy during the Paris stop of the On the Run Tour over the weekend….. (more…)


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Say bye-bye to 106 and Park.

The live show will be on hiatus after a tasteless joke about Blue Ivy’s hair hit the fan…


According to the rumor-mill, Jay Z and Kim Kardashian came face to face at a posh restaurant in Malibu Sunday night, but Jay walked right past Kim like she was dust…