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Rachel’s ex-husband and Jay’s ex partner Damon Dash is calling out Jay and Bey cowards for not protecting his teen daughter Ava from the BeyHive backlash…



Whether she’s Becky with the good hair or not, Rita Ora’s contract controversy with Jay Z may be finally over…



Jay – Z must have not like the taste of Beyonce’s Lemonade.

It’s reported that the Roc-a-fella mogul is in the studio working on his version of the story…



The music streaming platform Tidal just got hit with a class action lawsuit and it’s all Kanye West’s fault….



According to the rumor-mill, Beyonce wants Jay Z to stay away from her upcoming Formation World tour because he cripples her creative energy..


As reported by MSDTV, Rymir Satterthwaite accused Jay Z of refusing to submit DNA to find out whether or not he was Rymir’s father.

Now Rymir is having his day in court, or shall we say congress as he is set to testify about Jay Z’s refusal to get the test and the ongoing corruption in family court…


Bamboozled, hoodwinked.

Those words sum up the way Jay Z currently feels towards the former owners of Tidal.

So now the hip-hop mogul is planning to sue the former owners of his music streaming service claiming they inflated the number of subscribers prior to the sale…