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Earlier this week former wrestler Ric Flair claimed he had sex with actress Halle Berry, shortly after her divorce from former baseball player David Justice.

Sorry Ric, Halle wants the receipts….


According to the rumor mill – Halle Berry and her estranged husband Olivier Martinez may be back on the marriage mend…



The rumors seem to be true that Halle Berry and her husband Olivier Martinez was coming towards an end… (more…)

Actress Halle Berry seems to be hanging on to the idea that she’s still in marital bliss.

According to reports, the end is near for her and her husband Olivier Matinez and Halle has gone as far as pretending she lost her ring to keep up the charade…




According to reports, Halle Berry’s husband Olivier knocked down an airport employee over the weekend…

Halle Berry is sick and tired of supporting her ex Gabriel Aubry.
Earlier this week Halle requested her child support order to Gabriel Aubry be slashed by more than 75%, after accusing her baby-daddy of abusing the system by refusing to get a job.
Now sources claim Gabriel intends to fight Halle for his 16K a month…

Sorry Storm fans.

Halle Berry will NOT be featured in the next X-Men movie…