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His legacy lives on! The late actor Michael Clarke Duncan’s last performance is featured in a film called In the Hive, which debuts this Friday in select theaters.



Writer, and director Noel Calloway’s ambitious film “Life, Love, Soul” hits theaters today. It took almost four years; meetings with multiple prospective backers; and several pieces of stolen equipment including a laptop with footage from the film before “Life, Love Soul” would make its way to theaters. “Love, Life, Soul” stars up and coming actor Robbie Tate-Brickle as Roosevelt, a teenager whose world is shattered when his mother (“Basketball Wives” Tami Roman) and brother die in a tragic car accident.



Bishop T.D. Jakes returns to the “Woman Thou Art Loosed” franchise with his latest film, “Woman Thou Art Loosed: On the Seventh Day.” The film stars Golden Globe nominee Blair Underwood, and Sharon Leal as a couple whose life is turned upside down. The film is bound to be controversial as it will raise questions about the relationship dynamic of Black couples, and the many Black children who are abducted every year but whose stories go untold. (more…)


“Think Like a Man,” the romantic comedy based on best selling author, and comedian Steve Harvey’s  book “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man” is set to hit theaters in two weeks. On Wednesday, April 4th the actors, director, and producer did double duty at a mid-day press reception, and screening. (more…)


It’s almost time to watch Rihanna kick some alien butt in Universal Studios’ “Battleship.” The pop star flexes her acting chops as Petty Officer Raikes, a weapons specialist on the USS John Paul Jones — our first line of defense against alien invaders. (more…)


Disney’s latest sci-fi film, “John Carter” is going to be epic. The studio released a 10-minute long scene that culminates with a telling, and ominous ending. (more…)


Watch out Beyonce, and Jennifer Hudson. There is a new singer turned actress coming to the big screen. (more…)