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The popular music reality show, American Idol, has been canceled after 13 years…



Is ‘American Idol’ considering former contestants in order to fill vacancies on the judging panel for next season?…



Candice Glover takes the Season 12 crown of American Idol



It looks like the American Idol judges have worn out their welcome.
Insiders say that the American Idol judges are being given the boot…


According to the rumor-mill, Mariah Carey is on the verge of walking off of American Idol because of Nicki Minaj’s antics…


According to the rumor-mill, American Idol bosses have been ready to ditch Mariah Carey for Jennifer Lopez mid-season until Mariah threatened a lawsuit…


Sources close to American Idol claim that Nicki Minaj believes she’s the only person on the show making it relevant…


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