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50 Cent learned the hard way to NOT test island authorities when it comes to profanity…


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Over the weekend rapper 50 Cent announced he was the father of a long lost son he never knew he had.

Now it appears that Fif was just having a little fun..


Last week, Billboard Magazine contacted the U.S. Secret Service to find out if rapper 50 Cent was breaking any laws after he testified in bankruptcy court that the stacks of cash he flaunts online are fake.

50 admits he’s been contacted by the Secret Service and subsequently quits Instagram. His lawyers claim, however, the only reason he flashed his money was so his fans could be inspired…



Sorry folks. You’re favorite rapper is just a window shoppper.

Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson has admitted that the money he shows off on Instagram is fake….



We reported that over the summer 50 Cent filed for bankruptcy one week after he was ordered to pay over $6 million to one of Rick Ross’ baby mamas for posting her sex tape on his website.

Since his filing, 50 seems to be telling a different story on his social medial with his extravagant posts of money and wealth.

Now a judge wants him in court to explain…



Watch out 50, Rick Ross may be the shadiest rapper of them all.

In an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine, Rick Ross runs down 50 Cent’s recent fails and claims that messing with him was the biggest mistake 50 ever made…