Willie Northpole explains why he dissed the Game and his loyalty to G-Unit. He talks about his Twitter beef with MC Hammer, why he feels Jay- Z be the best rapper, and his thoughts on Drake doing the Stanky Leg. Plus find out why he co-signs OJ the Juiceman.

Dylan Dillinajah talks about his new album coming out this summer, some of the Da Band beefs, why he had issues with Diddy and why people at Bad Boy respect him now. Plus his exclusive freestyle!

Def Jam’s Lil Ru explain his thoughts on the D.O.A. track and why he will still use auto-tune on his album. Plus find out his connection to Angie Stone, why he feels some artists who aren’t selling need to fall back and his dope freestyle.

Webstar explains what happened with him and Young B’s relationship. He talks about her music and them working together. Plus Webstar reveals the 2009 Summer Jam Line-up.

Webstar explains why Ron Browz should have put him on and why he can’t help Browz career now unless it’s business. Webstar says the Voice of Harlem fell off because of greediness and he explains why artists over 35 need to retire. Plus his exclusive Drama Queen freestyle!

Ms. Drama puts Soul Mafia in the hot seat about and gets their thoughts on new artists, auto-tune, and Eminem’s career. Find out why they think artists should be experimental. Check out GC’s Drama Queen Freestyle.

Dead Prez explains why they don’t believe in artist beef and why they’ve been able to learn from both 50 Cent and Soulja Boy. Plus find out why they consider themselves more mainstream than most artists and take offense in being associated with the term Underground Artists. Dead Prez drops knowledge part 2.