Ms Drama


Born on Long Island, New York, Ms. Drama spent most of her life growing up in Northern Virginia. She is often described as a southern girl who is in that “New York state of mind”. Ms. Drama began her media career at Spelman College where she received her first taste of reporting. She interned as a sports reporter for the local news station in Atlanta, WSB-TV, where she honed her skills of writing and reporting for broadcast television. Although she covered local news with veteran reporters, her hands on experience consisted of interviewing entertainers, sports figures and athletes at special events and even in the locker rooms.

After graduating Spelman, Ms. Drama decided to continue her pursuits in journalism by moving to New York where she continued her education at New York University. During that time, Ms. Drama had her first taste of the Entertainment Industry. She served as a video journalist on MTVU’s show the Freshman, interned at MTV, VH1, and other Viacom Networks and wrote reviews as part of the Review Crew for Newsday. While growing as a journalist and a reporter, Ms. Drama’s personality and talent for talk became recognized in the industry. She soon, took the advice of her mentors and peers and pursued her untapped passion of radio.

On the way to achieving her goals, Ms. Drama started in the bottom ranks as a promotion assistant at Hot 97, where she received her first real opportunity in Radio. During her time in promotions, Ms. Drama learned the ins and outs of radio and was later given the opportunity to train and produce shows on all three New York Emmis Communications stations; Hot 97, Kiss-FM and CD101.9. She operated boards for live shows, filled in during overnights when needed, and was plugged in various production and on-air segments during the course of 3 years at Emmis.

In her second year at Hot 97, Ms. Drama was offered the on-air position for an online radio show in Brooklyn, NY. She served as the afternoon drive personality reporting entertainment news and gossip as well as artist interviews for a two-hour Monday– Friday show. In addition to her comical news segments, Ms. Drama started to gain recognition for her edgy interviews and subsequently started to be called “Drama Queen” by independent and established artists. The name soon evolved into Ms. Drama a year later.

For the last few years Ms. Drama has been staking her claim in the industry as the “Drama Queen of Radio” with her time on Sirius Satellite radio hosting an international hip-hop show with DJ Bijal (2009) and more recently as the “Drama Queen of All Media” with the addition of her TV show, Ms. Drama TV (2008-2009) and her website  Now coming full circle, Ms. Drama has taken the online circuit by storm by garnering over 1 million hits from her interviews that posted on the industry’s most elite sites.  Ms. Drama has often been referred to as the next up and comer on radio and in media. She has already been compared to the likes of Wendy Williams for the edginess of her interviews. Yet, she sees herself more on the trail of the next Oprah. She is quoted as saying, “My goal was never to become famous, but to do what I love to do and get my message across, which I hope is what all real journalists would want to do.” Ms. Drama is definitely a voice to be reckoned with in the media world.