Ice T and Coco sighting at Last Rite's Gallery, NYC


According to reports, Rapper Ice T and his wife Coco Austin are trying to have a baby…



Yesterday Judge Joe Brown was held in contempt of court and sentenced to five days in jail for flipping on a court magistrate in Tennessee.

And yup, we go it on tape!



Chris Brown has decided to end his business relationship with his longtime manager Tina Davis…



Flor Rida is being sued for child support and the baby has even been born yet…….. (more…)

Acclaimed actor, Don Cheadle will star as Jazz icon Miles Davis in a new film called ‘Kill the Trumpet Player…’



Iggy Azalea lets her fans down by pulling out of three more Beyonce shows…



After being released from prison for tax evasion, Lauryn Hill is headed out on tour…