Well according to Kevin Frazier of HipHollywood.com, yes they are! He recently spoke to Ciara about the rumor & she gladly confirmed that they’re dating. Here’s what Kevin had to say:

Just interviewed Ciara and she admitted that she and Amare are indeed a couple. She was very shy about it and said “you know I don’t talk about my personal life” but when I pushed she shook her head laughed and said yes they are a coouple. She added that this is a very happy time in her life and that she is really enjoying herself! She and Amare were snapped at a party after the Met Gala last night. 

Now I understand why Amare had those back spasm during the playoffs & couldn’t perform…on the court! Ciara probably showed him what her goodies all about! Lol! #Joke

According to TMZ, reality superstar Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino signed a series development deal with MTV. The deal will keep Mike on our TV screen throughout the year of 2012. The project is still unnamed & it’s safe to say that it will be a reality show. Here’s what “The Situation” had to say:

“I’m excited to continue my relationship with MTV … Hopefully, there will be plenty more situations in the future.”

It sucks to be me. Good thing this botox is keeping me looking content.

Everyone has a black sheep in their family – that drunk uncle, that thieving cousin, that ex-sister in law who keeps coming around your momma’s crib asking for money. Yea, it sucks to be them – but it really sucks to be Sarah Ferguson right now. It appears that The Duchess of York intentionally did not receive an invite to the Royal wedding! And to add insult to injury the Royal “black sheep” has been asked to keep a low profile on the very special day.

Sources to the Royal Family say:

“The last thing the family wants is a picture of Sarah in a bikini on a beach popping up the day of the wedding or even worst mopping around by herself while everyone else is celebrating. They have basically told her to disappear and not be any distraction to the big day.”

Why is Sarah F. having such a hard knock life in the Royal Family? Well her most recent scandal involved being caught trying to sell media access to her ex-husband, Prince Andrew (not a good look, smh). Lately, she has been busy working on a new show, ‘Finding Sarah,’ for Oprah’s OWN channel. But despite her focus to redeem herself, the Royals have made it clear they are in no mood to forgive.

“GO RICKI! GO RICKI! GO RICKI! GO RICKI!”  These were the days boy! Ricki Lake was the ish back in the 90s! With Oprah leaving, I don’t have a problem with her coming back.  According to Deadline:

Twentieth Television announced today a development deal with Ricki Lake; for a possible fall 2012 launch of a new syndicated talk show. The deal will focus on developing an hour-long program, which would mark Ricki’s return to syndicated television.

The program will be based in Los Angeles, CA and will present topical conversation reflecting Ricki’s own personal journey and recent life experiences. As her fans have grown up with Ricki, a combination of relevant themes personal to the host and her audience including family, marriage, parenting, divorce, weight loss and overall well-being are being explored for the program.

In regards to the announcement, Stephen Brown, SVP of Programming & Development, 20th Television stated: “Ricki is a pop culture icon who has built a career on her candid, straight talk sensibility and her authentic, relatable nature. With an enormous fan base, that represents all ages and ethnicities, we are thrilled to develop a daytime talk show emphasizing Ricki’s fresh and enhanced perspective.”

Lake added: “It has been very fulfilling for the past seven years to focus my energy on advocacy work on behalf families and children. Now, I am excited to return to my roots and work with Twentieth Television to develop a talk show that will give me an opportunity to share my experiences and reconnect with audiences.”

Will you be watching the show when it airs? Leave your thoughts.

Alright folks, I had a feeling this was going to end badly. According to the daily rumor mill it seems as if Wiz Khlaifah and Kanye West nearly had a thrown down after Kanye’s hour long set at Coachella.

Here’s the speculative rundown:

Rapper Wiz Khalifah performed early on in the day, and he brought his fiance Amber Rose with him. Kanye West took to the stage later that night and during his “Stronger” performance Ye took a verbal jab at Amber I’m looking for the next rapper to exploit Rose who was reportedly about 75 feet away from him — on the side of the stage. The video below is Kanye’s performance from last night.

Ye took the original lyrics to Stronger which state, “I’d do anything for a blonde dike, and she’ll do anything if the time’s right,” and last night he offered this verse, “I did anything for that blonde dike. And she did anything when the time’s right ”

Well that calculated verse didn’t sit well with Wiz, who allegedly confronted Kanye when he left the stage.

MediaTakeOut’s celebrity insider reported:

“Wiz didn’t want to fight, he just wanted all this catty bullsh*t to end. … Kanye said something to Wiz and next thing you know security and people’s entourages were everywhere pushing and shoving, it could have gotten real ugly.”

After the alleged malay, concert security quickly swooped in and removed Kanye from the area. Peep the performance video below that started the tussle: