Saigon sits down with Ms. Drama to discuss his upcoming release, Warning Shots 2. He explains his deal with Amalgam Digital and the status on his unreleased album, The Greatest Story Never Told. He also gets into why he feels sorry for Joe Budden but still co-signs Slaughterhouse. Also he warns Joe Budden to keep his girl out the strip club!

Ms. Drama sits down with B.A.S.K.O. aka Black American Still Kicking On to talk about his upcoming album, 16-9-13-16 (yea I know). He talks about why he should be taken seriously, (cough, cough, blank stare) and why people will eventually catch on to his movement. Also, find out how he was able to create theme songs for movies such as Transformers, the O.C. and With Out a Trace.

Ralphy Boy
01.17.11 – 01.23.11

Aaron Camper
01.10.11 – 01.16.11

01.03.11 – 01.09.11

Liza Rios sits down to talk to Ms. Drama about Big Pun’s upcoming documentary. She also gets Liza to open up about the Abuse, living in a shelter, Fat Joe not giving back the money and Pun’s industry friends not sticking around.