Webstar explains why Ron Browz should have put him on and why he can’t help Browz career now unless it’s business. Webstar says the Voice of Harlem fell off because of greediness and he explains why artists over 35 need to retire. Plus his exclusive Drama Queen freestyle!

Ms. Drama puts Soul Mafia in the hot seat about and gets their thoughts on new artists, auto-tune, and Eminem’s career. Find out why they think artists should be experimental. Check out GC’s Drama Queen Freestyle.

Dead Prez explains why they don’t believe in artist beef and why they’ve been able to learn from both 50 Cent and Soulja Boy. Plus find out why they consider themselves more mainstream than most artists and take offense in being associated with the term Underground Artists. Dead Prez drops knowledge part 2.

M1 of Dead Prez says he doesn’t f*** with Asher Roth and says Jesse Jackson & Al Sharpton are ambulance chasers. Plus hear their freestyles and their exclusive Al Sharpton freestyle!

DJ Class talks about working as part of Kanye’s production team, his upcoming album, having multiple artists on his remix, and leaving his V-103 radio job in Atlanta. He also explains the Baltimore sound and music.

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