Ms. Drama puts Push! Montana in the hot seat to talk about his upcoming album, his relationship with Maino, conforming to the industry, the light-skinned movements and pregnancy. Plus find out if he’s ghostwriting for Maino! Exclusive Drama Queen freestyle!

Joe sits down with Ms. Drama to talk about his upcoming album Signature. He talks about the R. Kelly situation, his decision to leave Universal, his love of Rock and Country music and his name for a possible R & B supergroup with him Genuine and Chico Debarge! 

Liza Rios sits down to talk to Ms. Drama about Big Pun’s upcoming documentary. She also gets Liza to open up about the Abuse, living in a shelter, Fat Joe not giving back the money and Pun’s industry friends not sticking around.

Ms. Drama Gets a Red Carpet Scoop from Young Jezzy!

Ms. Drama catches Young Jeezy on the red carpet at Belvedere party and asks him about his upcoming album, his new work on Jay-Z’s blue-print album, and his thoughts on DJs and Rappers who are talking about him.

Ms. Drama Finds Out What Happened to Al Be Sure with an Exclusive Behind the Scenes interview!

Ms. Drama attends a Vibe Session w/ Al Be Sure. His performance might be seen as a comedy act, but Al Be feels he’s ready to get back in the game. Keep watching for Ms. Drama’s behind the scenes interview with Al Be Sure and find out his career plans and his thoughts on being the next R & B Super Group! Plus a tease to the “Secret Garden”. Want more Al Be Sure leave a comment and I will post part 2!