Ms. Drama Gets a Red Carpet Scoop from Young Jezzy!

Ms. Drama catches Young Jeezy on the red carpet at Belvedere party and asks him about his upcoming album, his new work on Jay-Z’s blue-print album, and his thoughts on DJs and Rappers who are talking about him.

Ms. Drama Finds Out What Happened to Al Be Sure with an Exclusive Behind the Scenes interview!

Ms. Drama attends a Vibe Session w/ Al Be Sure. His performance might be seen as a comedy act, but Al Be feels he’s ready to get back in the game. Keep watching for Ms. Drama’s behind the scenes interview with Al Be Sure and find out his career plans and his thoughts on being the next R & B Super Group! Plus a tease to the “Secret Garden”. Want more Al Be Sure leave a comment and I will post part 2!

Last month I was on the set of Loso’s Way with Albe Back, Paul Cain, Sonny Black and um…yeah um Fab. Here I am with Albe Back chopping it up. Btw, this is why I don’t freestyle or claim to be a rapper. Lol. Enjoy.

P.S. Shout out to Harry who edited this before I turned 50 (-:


A few weeks ago I did an interview with Ace Hood talking about his upcoming album, his relationship with DJ Khaled and if there was unity with southern artists. I also asked him about Jay Burna, who had released a diss track out on him. Ace’s response was simply he “never heard of” that dude. See my interview below:


Yesterday, someone named “all seeing eye” sent me an email entitled, “you might want to see this” where they had a candid picture of Ace Hood and Jay Burna (left) together with an associate. Maybe this picture is able to refresh Ace Hood’s memory? Hmmm?

Jay Burna (left) and Ace Hood

Jay Burna (left) and Ace Hood