Ms. Drama get’s Raekwon up close and personal at a Rooftop Listening event in NYC. See the Chef at work preforming some of his greatest hits as well as his new joints from the album. This is a MUST SEE for Raekwon fans. Plus the Chef explains why he is ready to move on and let the past be the past. Strait from the Drama Queen flip cam.

Just Blaze gives a candid interview with Ms. Drama about the recession, his thoughts on producers lying about getting paid, his ideas on “followers” and the difference between producers and beat-makers. He also goes in about working on Gospel music, his beginnings as a DJ and beat maker and why he’s not equipped to be a rapper. Plus his thoughts on working with Jay-Z and a cameo from Saigon.

Ms. Drama goes behind the scenes of the new Saigon video, Gotta Believe. Exclusive flip cam action of Saigon and Just Blaze on set shooting the video. 

Ms. Drama’s Flip Cam catches Josh Xantus at a private New York event. Jada Kiss comes out to support as well as other media and industry heads. Watch Josh preform his single “First Time”.

Ms. Drama sits down with Cadillac Tah about his new single 24/7 and talks about what went down with 50 Cent and Ja Rule, what he had advised to 50 in regards to beef, his thoughts on the new wave of hip-hop, why beef between artists is not a joke, and why he thinks Joe Budden should have kept his mouth shut.

Ms. Drama puts Push! Montana in the hot seat to talk about his upcoming album, his relationship with Maino, conforming to the industry, the light-skinned movements and pregnancy. Plus find out if he’s ghostwriting for Maino! Exclusive Drama Queen freestyle!

Reggae artists pay tribute to Michael Jackson at a NYC event with their rendition of “Human Nature”. Check out there thoughts on the Black vs. White MJ /-: Exclusive flipcam footage by Ms. Drama.