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It’s on and popping folks!

Earlier this week we reported that Spanky Hayes implied on his radio show that he’d once lost a role to actor Tyrese Gibson because he wasn’t willing to give head to a casting director.

After the story hit the blogosphere, Tyrese threatened to end Spanky’s career.

Not so fast Tyrese…

Last night, your one and only drama queen was out and about at the Blood Sweat and Heels taping in the city at Pier 40.
The event was titled “A Flawless Affair” but apparently not all the cast member got the memo….

Yesterday a video of comedian Spanky Hayes outing a few actors in black hollywood surfaced online.
His candid remarks may have started an all out war, as one of the actors is promising to end Spanky’s career….

Ladies beware, Mitch season is here.
Lil Wayne joins rappers Future and Wiz Khalifa, in his own ex-bashing song after his new girl (Christina Millian) is the target of jokes and shade from his baby mamas….


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Watch out Michelle, you’re in danger. Gwyneth Paltrow is after your man!

The actress was spotted shamelessly flirting with President Obama while holding a fund-raiser for him at her home…


Apparently a mitch session brought rappers Wiz Khalifa and Future on a recent track together.
The two newly single rappers dropped a diss track seemingly aimed at their exes called ‘P***y Overated…’

Pop rap artist Iggy Azaela got a taste of what a real rap beef feels like.
And we can tell, it sure don’t feel good …