According to the rumor-mill, Bruce Jenner has revealed to his family he’s ready to undergo a sex change…



2014 Ebony Power 100 Gala

Former model and actress Beverly Johnson recounts her tale of being drugged and nearly assaulted by Bill Cosby…





It looks like casinos are still making major money off of their celebrity customers.

Check out a few surprising gambling habits of the rich and famous…


Khloe Kardashian needs a lesson in social media etiquite.

The reality star is under fire after posting an un-funny joke about the KKK on her Instagram…


Early this week we learned, Destiny’s Child member Kelly Rowland had given birth to her first child.
The new mother has now released a statement, while Solange Knowles offers her thoughts on the new Titan…

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It’s on and popping folks!

Earlier this week we reported that Spanky Hayes implied on his radio show that he’d once lost a role to actor Tyrese Gibson because he wasn’t willing to give head to a casting director.

After the story hit the blogosphere, Tyrese threatened to end Spanky’s career.

Not so fast Tyrese…

Last night, your one and only drama queen was out and about at the Blood Sweat and Heels taping in the city at Pier 40.
The event was titled “A Flawless Affair” but apparently not all the cast member got the memo….