Back in December actor Idris Elba confirmed his girlfriend Niyana Garth was pregnant with his second child….. (more…)


Last year Katherine Jackson lost her $40 billion civil suit against concert promoter AEG….. (more…)



Earlier this year, rumors started to spread that Brandy’s two-year engagement with fiancé Ryan Press was on the rocks.

Apparently the rumors were true…



You must commit $1000 per month to join the church founded by Kris Jenner or 10 percent of your income….. (more…)


Michael Jackson’s ex-wife Debbie Rowe wants custody of her two children with Michael Jackson…. (more…)



As reported by MSDTV, rapper Game was given a restraining order and banned from having any contact or coming within 100 feet of his baby mama Tiffney Cambridge.

Now details from their initial confrontation have emerged and it’s definitely not looking good for the rapper…



Kelly Rowland has been shooting a pilot for BET…