Since the purchase of my flip cam almost 2 years ago, I have been on the proverbial mission to document all that is Ms. Drama. Surprisingly, those moments have led to some of the most exclusive and intimate conversations with artists, celebrities, moguls and the like. I never became Ms. Drama for the flashing lights, but to create a lane of opportunity when the doors weren’t exactly open for a personality that couldn’t essentially be fit in a box. My background is journalism, but my personality strives to expose the hidden story (as uncomfortable as it may be) through humor, a little sarcasm, and more often than not a good amount of tactfulness that is often swept under the rug by the brand of Ms. Drama.

Nevertheless, with flipcam in hand, I continue to document the world of “drama” in hopes that the appropriate platform will rise to the challenge of housing such a brand. Yet, with that thought – can this brand truly be housed?

Stay Tuned…

Waka Flocka & his entourage’s tour bus got shot up yesterday afternoon during their stay in Charlotte. Four shots got fired, to which the favor was returned by Waka’s security who let off at the assailants, hitting at least one of the alleged shooters & a few were detained.

To all you Waka Flocka Flame fans, he’s doing fine. Here’s what he had to say via twitter:

To my fans N world im good nothing is wrong with my health see yall in Cali for all-star #imonerealassperson

Damn stress gone kill me im only 24 #needabackrub

You may remember this classic interview between Ms.Drama & Waka, addressing the shooting he was involved in about a year ago. If not, it’s available after the cut.


Los Angeles singer/songwriter Jazmine “JAZZY” Bailey releases Letters To A King, a tribute to female R&B legends that have come before her. JAZZY’s unique take on classic records are recognizable to an older demographic, yet bold enough to catch the ears of a younger generation.

Tracklisting & download Link after the cut.


It’s Valentines Day! Can you feel the love in the air? LOL! Perfect timing for Teedra Moses to drop a sexy, sensual, yet simple new video. Her new album, The Young Lioness, will be available in stores later this year. And yes, that’s super producer Drumma Boy getting all cozy with her.

After the jump, watch her interview with the Drama Queen (from Nov 09) when she performed at SOB’s


So team Smith is back at it again pimping promoting their latest youngun, Willow Smith. I won’t deny that I’ve succumb to the “whip” appeal factor, but I’m a little lost on her music choices – i.e. Lil B (really Will and Jada, it’s going down like that in the Smith household?). I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised since there is a connection (Soulja Boy penning “Whip My Hair”). I assuming the next step is to have the B-ster executive producer her album? With that being said, here’s a depressing fun clip of Willow Smith, on her new Teen Vogue photo shoot. Enjoy!

Kevin Cossom links up with Fabolous and Diddy for the visual to his new single “Baby I Like It.” Kevin’s debut LP is slated to hit later this year.

At the 6:41 mark, watch footage from Kevin Cossom, captured from The Drama Queen herself, live from the BMI showcase back in august 2010.


Acoustic Conversation is an extension of and our ongoing commitment to providing quality live entertainment. This event is geared to opening the lines of communication between artists and their fans through a Q&A session accompanied by an acoustic performance. This Acoustic Conversation features recording R&B artist TANK.

Props to SingersRoom.Com