Caught Up: Taylor Swift Outed As Liar


Kim Kardashian recently told GQ Magazine that Taylor Swift sent Kanye West a cease and decease letter demanding he destroy audio proof that she approved him referring to her as a B-word on a song called ‘Famous’ from Yeezy’s Life of Pablo album.

Now media outlets are claiming to have seen the proof…

The Sun

After Taylor denied ever approving Kanye’s song Famous, in which the lyrics brand her a “b****”, Kim claimed that the phone call where she did so was recorded on film.

Now I can confirm the tape DOES exist, having seen the legal letter in which Taylor’s lawyers order Kanye to destroy it.

A source close to the rapper said: “Taylor got her lawyers to threaten Kanye and demanded that the recording was killed. “They stressed the phone call was confidential and that publishing it would violate her rights.

“It validates that a taped conversation where Taylor was on board with the song does exist, and just shows how worried she is about the truth coming out.”

Stay Tuned.

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