Q & A Corner: Rapper/Chef Roger Mooking Gives The Inside Scoop On Cooking Up New Music




Freelance reporter Shakira Hedgpeth talked to Hip Hop Rapper and Food Network Chef, Roger Mooking, on two loves of his life: Music and Cooking….

Between spitting bars and professing his love to music and creating, Mooking revealed his journey from his Canadian band, his cooking infused by his caribbean and asian decent, and his latest music project which is a personal memoir.

Q & A by Shakira Hedgpeth – as seen below: @shakirasayz

What can we expect from you on your new album?

I love making music first. So many people just want a hot song, but I like to tell stories and be honest.

I want to draw emotions and paint pictures with my albums.

(Roger recently released a solo album, “Feedback” which the single, Hum is available on iTunes).

Where did you grow up?

I was born in Trinidad,  and at the age of 5, I moved to Canada.

Would you say your music and cooking style are directly influenced by your Caribbean background?

My cooking is globally inspired. I’ve been trained by French chefs, my background is both Chinese (his grandfather is from China) and Trinidadian.

Who taught you how to cook.. what’s the hottest (spiciest) thing you tasted thus far?

Friends influenced my cooking style, my curiosity of foods – and my culture has inspired me as a chef.

I believe music and food are considered a gateway to one’s culture. I consider my style of cooking as global.

I am truly a curious individual when it comes to food. I believe food teaches culture and there is an “unspoken commodity with music and food… with it, we can connect with people”.

I see you are a family man… do you make it home in time for dinner?

I travel quite a bit, but I find it more effective when I am home to cook. I always try to make it home in time for dinner.

Talk about your hip hop influences and how you feel about hip hop today?

Some of my musical influences are Paul Macartney, Dr. Dre, Cassandra Wilson, Slick Rick, Stevie Wonder, and Kendrick Lamar.

I plan to create bodies of work like the way those artists have done. I like Kendrick because he draws you in with emotion, while Paul’s legacy in music is phenomenal.

Dr. Dre is such a technician. Look at what he has done with NWA and Eminem.

What are you’re thoughts on Kendrick saying he’s the king of NY? How do you feel about that and what does he offer to the game?

Kendrick is unique and not afraid to be himself. He is talking about stories in a different way. He is taking the artform so seriously.

 Do you still work with your  former group and will you do any collaborations with them?

Ivana is working on new records. I am still working with Chin and Injeti from the group.

What artist today are you looking forward to working with?

Now that I am more business savvy, I hope to find more partnerships, then just management situations.

Reporting, transcription by Shakira Hedgpeth @shakirasayz


Stay Tuned.

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