Tyler Perry’s Former Friend “Outs” Him In Video + Tyler Perry Responds In Open Letter



Tyler Perry’s former friend, Walter Lee Hampton has decided to “out” the Madea actor and director to the masses.
And it seems that Tyler must have received the memo as he sent out an open letter addressing his “past” the same day….
Hampton reveals their past friendship via Youtube:

“Love & Relationships. TYLER PERRY & ME. Years ago TYLER PERRY and I were CLOSE FRIENDS. Tyler Perry actively involved in the BLACK GAY COMMUNITY. But after FAME & FORTUNE …Tyler Perry no longer IDENTIFIED as a BLACK GAY MAN! and abandoned the Black Gay Community!”

Walter later expands:

TYLER PERRY outed himself  YEARS AGO. That man was out at the GAY clubs Dancing on the Speakers >>>YEARS before i was. You can NOT be in the closet and OUT DANCING at TRAXX!!..give me a break!!!…..and you hateful punks got the NERVE to be mad….WHY?????…TYLER PERRY OUTED HIS DAMN SELF YEARS AGO!!!!

 Shortly after, Walter turned up with a gash on his face that required 120 stitches explained on his Facebook page that a glass door fell on his head, although some are speculating it was Tyler’s goons.
Walter writes:

“I suffer a injury from a glass door falling on me…..DID THE DOOR ATTACK ME???”

Interestingly enough, the same day as the “outing” Tyler penned an open letter encouraging his fans to leave the past in the past…
Tyler writes…

That Is Your Past And There Is No Future In It

“…Seriously there are a lot of people who are living their lives stuck in reverse, alarms going off, beeps beeping very loudly, but they can’t get it out of reverse. You know these kinds of people, the ones that nobody wants to be around because they can be so annoying, always dwelling on the past. Full of “I wish I had done this” or “I wish I could have done that”. These kinds of people are sad to me, not focusing on the beauty of today, they’d rather dig through the ashes of yesterday. Listen to me, you can’t change anything that you have done in your past, all you can do is go forward. No matter how many mistakes you have made, no matter how many things you have done wrong, you have got to move forward. That is your past and there is no future in it.

And the only way to move forward is to ask for forgiveness from the people who you have hurt and wronged. Whether they forgive you or not you must ask… sorry that’s just the way it is. If you don’t you will continue to reap bad things from what you have done to them, even if they don’t forgive you. You will have the power to be free because you asked for forgiveness. And secondly, you must forgive yourself. Forgiveness is the key that can move your life forward… and turn off the reverse alarm.”

 Stay Tuned.

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