Alicia Keys To Be Sued For ‘Girl On Fire’ Record



Alicia Keys may have just landed herself a #1 album, but her sweet success is about to have a bitter after taste as she is allegedly being sued for a lyric she used  for her hit single Girl on Fire…

Showbiz 411 reports:

Earl Shuman, who wrote ‘Hey There Lonely Girl’ in the 60s, is taking Alicia to court because she uses a portion of Lonely Girl for Girl on Fire without giving him credit.

Shuman says, while he likes Alicia’s song, he expects to get paid for his work.

Stay Tuned.

  1. Alicia Keys is known to steal and hurt lesser known artist/songwriters. The woman don’t have any respect and have always been only about Alicia! For her to be a man stealer, song jacker of lesser known artist and songwriters work, but now she jacking Vet writers without a care. Wow!!smh People don’t know the truth of what really went down between Alicia Keys and I with my cases. This chick tried to destroy my life and career with her money. Alicia doubled-crossed me by making a shady settlement deal with my former management and attorneys that caused my civil rights to be violated in my Breach of Contract/Copyright Infringement cases. The public don’t know as part of a settlement, Keys requested of both sides attorneys to throw the cases threw the Federal court favorable to her. Everybody is unaware that I was excluded from my settlement and case proceedings. It’s hurts to have your civil rights violated worst then being robbed by a thief. Keys even demanded of me to take the weak settlement, accept all the terms, allow her and Usher Raymond to conduct damage control and put out new albums in 2012. Good for Alicia Key!!! I’m happy she is finally getting what she deserves. You can’t buy everybody off hun..As you can see she scared to say something public about me and our dispute because I have too much evidence to show her evil deeds. Yeah, let Ms. Alicia Keys say something, I am available for all interviews. Furthermore, I’m about to hit her with a 100 million dollar lawsuit for Civil Rights Violation, Breach of Contract, Copyright Infringement and more. There is two sides to a story and Ms. Keys is a coward when it comes to Dena:) What she did to Mashaunda is wrong and so many other people, including me.

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