It’s A Wrap: Shaquille O’Neal Dumps Hoopz After Meltdown At Gym, Hoopz Responds To Reports


According to the Boston Globe, Shaquille O’Neal and his reality star girl, Hoopz have broken up once again.

Sadly, the entire breakup was a result of Shaq not supporting – and in this case co-signing — Hoopz dream of becoming an Olympic champion…

An eyewitness tells Black Sports Online:

“The gym doesn’t teach people over the age of 18 for insurance purposes and when Hoopz was told this she lost her mind. She started to curse out the staff and became belligerent. She got extremely loud, screaming at the top of her lungs how she needed to train for the 2016 Olympics.

Shaq was embarrassed, he dropped his head like he was ashamed of her. He didn’t say anything while they were in the gym, but once they got to their car a heated argument took place. You could hear and see them screaming at each other. I felt bad for him.”

OF course Hoopz had a few words to say online about the allegations…

Stay Tuned.

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