Rumor: James DeBarge Mother Says “Janet Jackson Had A Baby With My Son” |Photos|


According to the National Enquirer, James DeBarge’s mother has opened up about the child that her son (James DeBarge) had with pop icon Janet Jackson.

In the article, 75 year old Ettelene DeBarge claims that Janet’s baby is Omer Bhatti – the boy that was rumored to be Michael Jackon’s love child.

Ettelene explains to the Inquirer:

[Omer Bhatti] is my grandson! He looks just like James did when he was young — Omer is Janet’s son.”

Janes told me that he got Janet pregnant in 1984 . . . Janet and I spent time together back then. It was obvious to me she was pregnant.

Janet gave birth overseas, and her family arranged to have Janet give the child to a family in Norway.

Still skeptical? Check out more pictures of Omer after the break:

The similarities are uncanny folks! What do you think?

  1. hope salyers August 30, 2011

    I personally dont think Bhatti is Janet’s son because wasn’t she suppose to have a girl by the same man?! Also Bhatti was suppose to be Michael’s until he died. What now i guess if something would happen to Janet, he would be Rebbie’s? These ppl are trying to make money! If it is Janet’s son who cares. It will be Janet and the ppl conspiring with her that will pay later in life. WE ALL HAVE A JUDGEMENT DAY! Alas shouldn’t be DeBarge that comes out with instead of his mother!

  2. MsDrama August 30, 2011

    So true!

  3. roman September 5, 2011

    you ain’t my son you my motherf*ckin’ step-son! did it on em’!!

  4. Anthony December 7, 2011

    Joe jackson admits on interview that Omar Bhatti is Michael Jacksons son.

  5. LOL September 26, 2012

    LmFAO this kid doesn’t look like he is 1/4 white he looks more like 1/4 black or half of another race. He also looks to white to be Michael Jackson’s son. WTF is wrong with this family, they are extremely confused! They always try to pass pure white children or biracial part Mexican or whatever and white children off as being in their family. I have seen the Jackson children 3t Randy’s sons their mother is hispanic and those kids look part black and another one of the brothers has a kids with a white woman and those kids also look part blank. But Paris, Blanket, Prince and this character are not black people. This whole thing is starting to become very fucking sickening! The whole Jackson family should have been in therapy years ago!