While Beyonce is gearing up for Superbowl 50 with Coldplay in a few hours, the diva has managed to somehow position herself as the main attraction.

Last night she gave fans a glimpse of the new music and video she plans to perform during her halftime appearance with Coldplay.

Unfortunately, not everyone is co-signing her latest ploy for our attention…




In January, comedian Bill Cosby filed a motion to have his criminal sexual assault case thrown out claiming the former District Attorney promised him immunity if he sat for a deposition after former Temple University employee Andrea Constand sued him in a civil case in 2004.

Well, unfortunately for Bill, that deposition was for naught as a judge has ruled the case can still go forward…



It looks like the Queen Bey is ready for a new court.

According to reports Beyonce has said “adios!” to entire management team in hopes of being taken more seriously in hollywood …



If you haven’t seen the hit Broadway play Hamilton, the Grammy’s got you covered!

The popular musical is scheduled to be broadcasted live from the Grammy’s stage on February 15th…



R&B singer K. Michelle is clearly not here for Adele or Sam Smith’s success.

In a recent interview with fans, the outspoken singer critcized the popular white musicans for getting more airplay and acknowledgement for their “soul” music then people of color…





It’s always difficult to write a post on the passing of a public figure or entertainer you have grown to appreciate, but it’s even harder to formulate the words when it’s someone you know, respect and has shown you immense support throughout your career.

This can be said for industry notables, DJ Big Kapp (above) and journalist Michael J. Feeney (below).


They both passed away this week – and New York – no — our culture, industry and generation has unfortunately lost two great men.

The two were not only kind, but supportive, generous and remarkably humble…



Since the news that Rihanna’s album, ‘Anti’ has been reported as a certified “flop” her label is claiming that they had nothing to do with the leak that led Rhi-Rhi to only sell 1000 copies in her first week..