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Simon Cowell decides to remove Mel B from the X Factor judges panel….. (more…)

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Now that Sherri Shepherd has been named the legal mother of her ex-husband Lamar Sally’s son, Lamar wants her to pay for it… (more…)



The rumor-mill has been buzzing that Will Smith is producing a Fresh Prince of Bel-Air spin-off starring son Jaden…


Sherri Shepherd has just become a mother – whether she wanted to or not.

Her estranged husband Lamar Sally has won the legal battle to have Sherri recognized as the mother of his child born via surrogate…


Over the weekend, Bobby Brown told a crowd in Dallas that his daughter Bobbi Kristina was awake and watching over him after 3 months in a coma.

Bobby may have high hopes for his daughter, but Cissy Houston says she’s still not recovered…


Kanye West

After years of speculation for being part the secret organization, Illuminati – Kanye West reveals – he’s never been on board…



Rapper Drake closed out the second weekend at the Coachella Music Festival.

The word is that he showed up late, left early and was got booed…. (more…)